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Hurricane Nicole Information

Dear Residents,

A Hurricane Watch/Warning has been issued for this area. As a reminder, we would like to inform you of the steps the management office will take as well as the responsibilities of the residents to prepare for the possible threat of a hurricane. 

Please remove all objects from your patio or balcony, and store these items inside your apartment. Such objects include patio furniture, potted plants, wind chimes, bicycles, etc. If items are not removed from your patio area, please be advised that the management team may remove these items and may find it necessary to enter your apartment. 

The management team will be removing all pool furniture from the deck areas, latching all trash enclosures, and securing all common areas. If your property is a gated community, we will also be leaving the gates open in the event of loss of power. 

Please be advised that we will not be boarding any windows throughout the apartment community. 

It is imperative that you listen to all hurricane related updates via radio, television, newspaper, and any Internet related services. Please follow all instructions issued from the authorities as they are professionals and equipped to handle such emergencies. Management personnel are not authorities in the field of natural disasters and cannot advise you in making decisions regarding your personal safety. We recommend that you review one of the many free hurricane preparedness/protection guides that can be found at most local supermarkets and take all necessary precautions that are suggested in those guides. As a reminder, we have attached the Hurricane Addendum which was signed during the time of your lease. 

We thank you for your cooperation. 


  • Get renters insurance NOW. Once there is an active storm, you cannot buy it. It will repay you for possessions lost or damaged and pay for housing for your family in case your home is badly damaged. 
  • Take pictures of your homes contents, your vehicles and your family if you do not have current ones. Put these with your important papers that you will take with you in case you have to evacuate. 
  • Watch the local news or weather station for important storm information. 
  • Fill up the vehicle fuel tanks. 
  • Store enough food and medicine for at least 2 weeks:
    • Non-perishable packaged or canned food / juices 
    • Foods and specialty items for infants or the elderly 
    • Snack foods 
    • Non-electric can opener 
    • Cooking tools 
    • Paper plates / plastic utensils 
  • Store one gallon of water per person per day for a two-week period. Your bathtub and other containers should be filled with water for sanitary usage. 
  • Toiletries, hygiene items and moisture wipes. 
  • Have cash available as banks and ATMs may not be available for an extended period of time. 
  • Buy extra batteries for flashlights, radios and portable TV. 
  • Have a fully charged cell phone with extra battery and a traditional (not cordless) telephone. 
  • Toys, books and games. 
  • Store important documents in a waterproof container or watertight resealable plastic bag such as insurance, medical records, bank account numbers, Social Security card, etc.. 
  • Keep a set of tools with you during the storm. 
  • Pet care items:
    • Proper identification/immunization records/medications 
    • Ample supply of food and water 
    • A carrier or cage 
    • Muzzle and leash 
  • Bring in lawn furniture and other loose material outside and on patios. 
  • Do not tape your windows. 
  • We are NOT an approved shelter, if you are instructed by authorities to evacuate, you should do so. We request that you turn off your water, gas and all electric breakers EXCEPT your refrigerator. Lock all doors and windows before you leave the property. 
  • If you decide to evacuate, have a plan and know where you are going in advance. 


  • Refer to all bullet points within the Hurricane Watch guidelines. 
  • Make a final decision about staying or evacuating. If you plan to drive to another area consider leaving now. 


  • Monitor the local news or weather station for important late developments and updated storm coverage. 
  • Please DO NOT tape your windows. 
  • Move valuables to a high location in your home. 
  • Set refrigerator to maximum cold and don’t open the door unless necessary. 
  • Use the phone only for emergencies. 
  • Stay indoors, away from windows on the downwind side of the home. 
  • Beware of the eye of the hurricane. Destructive winds will resume without warning.
  • In the case of power outage, gasoline powered generators are never to be placed or used inside of your apartment. 
  • In the case of a power outage, dispose of perishable items from refrigerator. 
  • Keep in mind: Post storm conditions could include extended periods without power. Elevators, common area lighting, trash compactors, appliances will not function until power is restored. 
  • Water supply may be disrupted. Water may need to be boiled. Monitor local emergency management outlets for information. 


  • Take small valuables and papers, including insurance documents, but travel light. 
  • Turn off your water, gas and all electric breakers EXCEPT refrigerator. Remove all perishable items from refrigerator in case of power outage. Lock all doors and windows before you leave the property. 
  • Leave early, in daylight if possible. 
  • Follow recommended evacuation routes to the nearest designated shelter. 
  • Take several weeks’ supply of prescription drugs and non-perishable foods if possible. 
  • In the case of a power outage, dispose of perishable items from refrigerator. 

Common Questions

Q: Will management be boarding up residents’ windows? 
A: Management will not be boarding up any windows on the property nor will management be providing any materials for this. 

Q: Can residents board up their own windows? 
A: If conditions warrant it and you feel it necessary, you may do so. However, the properties do not have the equipment and manpower to assist you. You will also be responsible for removing any boarding materials and returning the property to its original state. 

Q: Will management pay for or reimburse residents for materials used for boarding up? 
A: No. 

Q: Can residents use property tools, such as ladders? 
A: No, all tools and equipment will be needed by management. 

Q: Can clubhouses and amenity areas (racquetball courts) be used by residents for shelter? 
A: No, please use the official designated shelters. Refer to local television and radio broadcasts for specific locations in the area. 

Q: Will management be providing security after the storm? 
A: No, as usual we will rely upon the local authorities. 

Q: Does management have flood maps and/or finished floor elevations for insurance purposes? 
A: No, these documents are not available. 

Q: Where can I get information on the status of the property after the storm? 
A: We will post updates to our property website and social media pages. 

Q: Will the staff be available during/after the storm? 
A: Our staff will also be evacuating and will not return until it has been deemed safe to do so. 

Q: Will our key fobs work without electricity to get into my apartment or in and out of the building? 
A: Fobs will work on the apartment doors but may not work at the amenity areas until power is restored. 

Q: Will we be reimbursed for our food if the electricity goes out? 
A: Management will not be reimbursing for lost food. Please consult with your renter’s insurance broker on whether this loss is covered by your renter’s insurance policy. 

Q: When will amenities reopen? 
A: Amenities will reopen when it is deemed safe to do so and staff is able to safely return to work. 

Q: Will we be reimbursed for rent if we have to evacuate? 
A: Rent is not abated during an evacuation. 

Q: How do I change my move-in date if it’s scheduled during or after the hurricane? 
A: Please reach out to the Leasing Professional or Signature Lifestyle Specialist to arrange to change your move in date. 

Q: Will the gates work if there’s no electricity? If not, what is the plan to leave or arrive? 
A: In anticipation of a power outage, gates are opened prior to the storm and remain open until power is restored and it is deemed safe to close them. 

Q: Do the properties have generators? 
A: Some properties have generators that assist with common area lighting, water pumps and elevators. Generators do not provide power to residential homes. 

Q: How will we get notified if we’re required to evacuate? 
A: We encourage all residents to monitor the local radio and television broadcasts and heed all evacuations ordered. 

Q: What are the contact numbers to reach out to if we lose power? 
A: Should you lose power, please contact your utility provider to report the outage. You can also report the outage to our management team by calling the 24-hour maintenance line. 

Q: How will we get notified if we’re able to return to the property? 
A: The local authorities will determine when it is safe to return to the neighborhood. Please monitor local television and radio stations for this information. The management team will also be posting information on the properties’ social media pages and web sites as it comes available. 

Q: How long do the emergency lights last? 
A: Emergency lights are located in the hallways, breezeways and common areas and are designed to help residents exit the building safely. As they are battery operated, the emergency lights will last until the battery is depleted (approximately 3-4 hours). Residents should be sure to have flashlights on hand in the event of a power outage. 

Q: Where can I take my dog out during the storm? 
A: Residents with pets will need to carefully consider how to handle their pet’s needs during a storm. If sheltering in place, residents should remember that conditions may make it difficult to take animals outside to toilet. Residents should consider other options for their pets such as training pads or evacuation. 

Q: What if I experience flooding? 
A: Please call the 24-hour maintenance line to report any maintenance needs. Our ability to respond may be hampered during the storm. 

Q: Will management be providing sandbags for people on the first floor? 
A: Management will not provide sandbags. 

Q: Who do I contact if my vehicle or personal items are damaged? 
A: If your personal property is damaged, please contact your renter’s insurance broker to report the damage. Damage to your apartment home should be reported to the 24-hour maintenance line. 

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